Les Fromagiers de la Table Ronde



An attitude and a way of being where pleasure, conversation and complicity are king.

Organic farmers' cheese is what they make at the Alary family's fromagerie. 2003 saw the creation of their first cheese, Le Rassembleu. Since then they have created a grand variety of gorgeous cheeses, some of which are only available at their own cheese store.

Production respects tradition while using modern technology that allows the fromagerie to abide by the very strict requirements of organic certification.

Ferme Raymond Alary et fils

The farm has been certified organic since 1999. While on most farms it was unsure whether one of the children would even remain to take over, on the Alary's farm it was more a question of how could all the children who wanted to remain on the farm do so and make a living.

Seated around a round table, the Alary clan talked and exchanged ideas until it was decided that cheesemaking would be a good way to diversify their activities. The result: original fine cheeses made from their own organic milk.