Chic! Fondue - Gin Violette

1001 Fondues

Chic! Fondue - Gin Violette - 1001 Fondues
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Étiquette - Chic! Fondue - Gin Violette

A long lasting taste of Summer!

Onctuous, floral, this exceptional ready-to-cook cheese fondue is a true taste of Quebec.

Floral, smooth and tasteful, this exceptional ready to cook fondue is like a pleasant journey around Quebec  to please your  taste buds!

A beautiful pairing of a blended mix from Ile-aux-Grues and Temiscaming cheeses, well balanced with the Violette Gin distilled in Mauricie region, make for a perfect summer taste all year-round!

Another creation signed by 1001 Fondues.

Lactose free. Gluten free.

  • Cheesemaker
    1001 Fondues
    Capitale-Nationale (Québec)
  • Size
    125 g, 350 g
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