Triple-cream Quebec cheese, Laliberté, crowned as Canada’s Grand Champion

April 27, 2015


There’s a new cheese bucket list shining the spotlight on cow’s-milk wedges. On April 22, the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix winners were announced in Toronto, and the list is long and delicious. This year the Grand Champion title – won in 2013 by Ontario’s Quality Cheese for its full-flavoured whole-milk ricotta – has returned to Quebec, and landed back in the hands of Fromagerie du Presbytère and expert cheese-maker Jean Morin for his triple-cream bloomy-rind cheese, Laliberté. Morin won the Grand Champion title in 2011 with his stunning mountain-style cheese, Louis d’Or (a category champion this year). His Bleu d’Élizabeth (a personal fave) took home top prize in the blue category.

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